KSC Summer Open Regatta

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KSC Summer Open Regatta
Saturday September 2nd & Sunday September 3rd 2023

Incorporating Junior Regatta on Sunday 3rd
Notice of Race

This Series will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, this Notice of Race (except as any of
these are altered by the Killaloe Sailing Club Sailing Instructions).
Open to all members of KSC, other Clubs, and Guests.
3. Entry Procedure.
• Participants are requested to enter and pay fees on line prior to the Regatta if possible,
through the Club Website.
• Fees will be €25 for two hander and €20 for single handers.
• Juniors €20 Two handed €15 single hander
4. Insurance: All private boats shall have third party insurance cover of not less than €2,000,000 (or
the equivalent thereof in any other convertible currency) for any accident.
5. Races: 4 races each day are scheduled of which 1 shall be completed to constitute a series.
Sundays races will be used to calibrate results for Juniors separately.
6. Briefing: A briefing will be held approximately 60 minutes before the first warning signal.
Warning Signal – First Gun-is forecasted at 1130 hrs. SI’s will be posted on or before the “briefing”.
7. Scoring & prizes
The Low Point Scoring System Rule A4 will apply, modified so that each boat’s series score will be the
total of her race scores with her worst score/s discarded according to the table below:
Discards applied based on races sailed:
Up to 3 races: no discard (your worst result)
• 4 races sailed: 1 discard
• 8 races sailed: 2 discards
8. Tie Break Resolution for Series longer than a single event.
1st Apply ISAF Appendix A8.1 (Most Firsts, Seconds, thirds etc) (excluding discards)
2nd Apply ISAF Appendix A8.1 Modified as per RYA guidelines (Including discards)
3rd Apply ISAF Appendix A8.2 (who had the best recent scores) (Including Discards)
4th Apply ISAF Appendix B8.8 (Who has the best discards)
9. PY handicap system will apply.
Prizes will be awarded as follows;
1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.
1st in Class prize if three or more boats in Class are raced.
1st 2nd & 3rd overall Junior from Sunday results.

Race Entries

Sailing Instructions

Notice of Race