To Book your Sailing Camps please fill in the following Online Form.
There are Three options for Booking the course
1. Members Children
2. Non Members children
3. Own boat Usage.(Option 1 at a minimum must be filled in)

Option 1.
Select Option (Member or non member Sailing Camp Week)(boat discount can be chosen as option 2 or 3)
Select Quantity (this will be the number of Children taking part multiplied by the number of weeks)

1 Child x 1 Week select quantity of 1
2 children x 1 week select quantity of 2
2 children x 2 weeks select quantity of 4
3 children for 2 weeks 1 child for one week select quantity of 7

There are 3 Options if you need to book for Member / non member and are also using your own boat

Discount for use of own boat Select the number of your own Boats being used

If you are booking Multiple Weeks or Multiple siblings this entitles you to a 10€ per additional child/Week after the first
and a drop down option will appear to select the relevant discounts

Please note:
• Weather and numbers permitting, the Sailing Camp will run for the scheduled dates.
• Participants who miss a session/s will do so at their own cost and will not be rescheduled.
• Should the Club cancel a session; the session will be rescheduled to run again as soon as possible.
• Sailing Camp fees MUST be received by KSC in advance of the commencement date.
• Parents may be asked to volunteer on site for a half day. Your help is appreciated.

Booking Conditions for Courses/Camps delivered at Killaloe Sailing Club

Telephone bookings must be confirmed online within 7 days with booking form and Payment.

Deposit: A deposit is a booking fee and forms part of the payment of the activity. The deposit amount is €50 per person. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-TRANSFERABLE.

No show: Any person/s who does not attend course/s booked will not be entitled to a refund.

Incomplete sessions: Non-attendance or sessions not completed by choice will not be refunded.

Refunds: Killaloe Sailing Club will not issue cash or cheque refunds; a credit note will be issued.

We at Killaloe Sailing Club take every precaution for your safety.
However, the activities on your programme are potentially hazardous and do carry an inherent risk. Persons participating in activities or courses do so voluntarily and at their own risk, please note the occurrence of particular weather conditions may lead to the cessation of certain activities. No claims shall be made against Killaloe Sailing Club in respect of injury or loss arising there from.

For further information:
Contact / Bookings: Anne Gleeson, Tinerana Beg, Killaloe, Co. Clare V94Y20T.
Mobile: 086 399 7611

We appreciate your time and effort to read and complete this booking form. Please review the following code with your child(ren) and ensure they are agreeable to it.

Code of Conduct for Young People
Young participants should always:
▪ Treat Instructors, other leaders and organisers with respect
▪ Be fair at all times, do their best
▪ Respect fellow participants, even when things go wrong
▪ Behave in a manner that avoids bringing the sport of sailing into disrepute
▪ Report any anti-social or threatening behaviour toward themselves or other participants to instructor, Children’s Officer* or Centre Principal**
▪ Talk to an adult, such as instructor or Children’s Officer, if they have any problems
Young participants should never:
▪ Use violence or physical contact against other course participants
▪ Shout or argue with instructors or fellow participants
▪ Harm fellow participants or their property
▪ Bully or use bullying tactics towards other participants
▪ Use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage
▪ Tell lies about adults/young people
▪ Spread rumours

*Children’s Officer: Regina Quinn, 086 3971910
** Centre Principal: Anne Gleeson, 086 3997611