They are also fundamental for providing sailing support at Killaloe Sailing Club.

For all members volunteering as Race Officer or Safety Assistant, it is crucial that they have a ‘National Powerboat Certificate’ following completion of relevant powerboat training. Together with our partners, My Next Adventure, the club offers powerboat training up to and including National Powerboat Certificate, subject to demand and availability.

The courses we offer include:

Introduction to Powerboating

This is aimed at the novice with limited, if any, driving hours and low levels of knowledge regarding boat prep, rules and regs. and water safety – this course will give you a good knowledge all of the above and you will become a competent crew member on a powered vessel helping the skipper with decision making and carrying out actions required.

A One Day Course.

National Powerboat Certificate

This is aimed at those comfortable in a boat on the water, a good knowledge of boat prep, several driving hours and an understanding of how to ensure safety on the water – this course will give you the skills to safely skipper a powered vessel, give you the confidence to make decisions quickly and work with/manage any crew members aboard.

A Two Day Course.

Safety Boat Certificate

This is aimed at those wishing to build on the skills already learned in the National Powerboat Certificate and learn the techniques and skills required for escorting racing fleets of dinghies, providing safety and rescue cover and assisting in race and water-based event management duties.

A Two Day Course.

Please see here for powerboat training courses coming up:

Calendar of Events

Please note, six participants are required to attend each course planned.

If you are interesting in gaining accreditation for any specific levels, please contact us and we can look at organising this. Email:

For more details on each of the Powerboat training course levels, and what they entail, please see: