• Do I need a boat to join the club?

    No, the club has boats which can be used by members. Boats are allocated on a first come first served basis, bookable in advance.

  • How do I join the club?

    Information on joining can be found at  Application Form to join Killaloe Sailing Club

  • If I have never sailed before?

    We run Taster Sessions. You can book a Taster at   Try Sailing (killaloesailingclub.com)

  • I’ve been on a Taster and wish to continue, what comes next?

    Information on your various options Application Form to join Killaloe Sailing Club.

  • What is the minimum age for a Junior?

    We generally say 8 years, but if the parents are actively involved in sailing it can of course be younger. Please note there is no single Junior member category.

  • Where is Killaloe Sailing Club?

    It is approximately 5kms from Killaloe in the direction of Scarriff. Location here

  • Is the club open all year round?

    The club is open from April to October.

  • What are the opening times?

    Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.00pm and Sunday mornings from 10.00am. Safety cover is provided at these times.

  • Can I sail outside of these times?

    Yes you can but you are encouraged to buddy-up and heed all safety advice.

  • Do I need my own wetsuits?

    No, the club can provide wetsuits, but you are encouraged to have your own wetsuit should you wish to join the club and take up sailing.

  • What if I am not interested in racing?

    We have a cruising group who go on day or weekend cruises on the lake or on the sea. Leisure sailing is also facilitated on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

  • When do you race?

    We race regularly on Tuesday evenings.

  • What if I have a boat, but no crew?

    We can help you find crew from within the membership.

  • Do you run training courses?

    Yes, we run both Adult and Junior 8 week training courses; week-long camps for Juniors; and weekend camps for Adults.  Training Page

  • Am I expected to undertake any duties at the club?

    All club members are expected to undertake certain mandatory duties such as Base Officer, Safety Officer, Safety Boat Driver/Assistant, Race Officer. The duty will depend upon the individual’s skills before being called to undertake Safety Boat or Race Officer Duties. Appropriate Training is provided where necessary.

  • Can I bring my kayak or canoe?

    As a member, yes you can. Standard boat parking fees apply.