How do I start?

The starting sequence is as follows: 5 minutes to start – hoot of horn and 1st (warning) flag up. 4 minutes to start – hoot of horn and 2nd (preparatory) flag up. This will be a blue flag with a white square in the centre. 1 minute to start – […]

What course do I sail?

The Race Officer will set a course and will brief you on the day. A typical course is a race around the three buoys in the designated sailing area with the start/finish line between the committee boat (RIB with the Race Office and flags in it) and a buoy.  

What rules should I know?

A boat on Port tack (where the wind is coming from the left and the boom is on the right) gives way to a boat on starboard tack (wind from the right and boom on the left), ie. Starboard has right of way. A boat on Starboard tack with right […]

Where is the finish?

Sail back across the start/finish line to finish the race after completing the course set. Here are some helpful video links. YouTube has a wealth of useful videos from various sailing bodies, including the RYA and ISA.

Will I be taught how to sail if I join the Club?

This depends on whether you sign up for any courses that become available from time to time. If you are introduced by a member, they may be happy to teach you what they can. Alternatively the friendly members of Killaloe Sailing Club are always glad to assist  beginners. The taster evenings, while […]

What clothing/equipment do I need to start sailing?

It is most important to be suitably dressed for the season and climate. This includes possibly a wetsuit, common enough in our society today, bootees or light runners to  protect the feet, windproof outer shell, hat, sunglasses (tied on), sailing gloves, and  mandatory, a buoyancy aid. Prepare for all weathers […]

Is sailing an expensive sport?

No, you can pick up a ‘starter boat’ for as little as €250 or you can crew on a boat without having to spend any money at all. Killaloe Sailing Club also offers boat rental for new members without their own boat. If you wish to continue sailing, the aspiration […]

How do I get started?

Killaloe Sailing Club welcomes new members, both beginners and advanced. As a beginner, it is recommended to sign up for one of the sailing courses provided at the club, by our qualified instructors. Killaloe Sailing Club is an Irish Sailing approved training centre.  At the start of the season, regular […]

Do you need to be fit to sail?

You don’t need to be physically fit to get started, but you should be comfortable with being in the water. Dinghy sailing tends to be a bit more physical than yacht sailing for example, so it is important to choose a dinghy to suit your skills and fitness levels. No […]