What do I need to know before buying a dinghy?

Before you start searching for a boat it is a good idea to consider the following:

  • If you are new to dinghy ownership, do you know someone who can share their experiences with you and help advise on what is a good dinghy for your needs? Just ask anyone at the Club and they can help you or point you in the right direction to who can.
  • Do you want to be able to sail single-handed or with a crew?
  • Are you going to buy new or used? There are pros and cons for both. Cost being the biggest factor.
  • What is your budget? Remember to factor in purchase plus maintenance costs and time, eg, wooden boats require more ongoing maintenance.
  • Do you have enough sailing experience for the type of dinghy you have in mind?
  • There are a number of websites which sell dinghies, or ask around at the Club. Often there is someone trading up, or retiring altogether, who might be selling. Other sailing clubs might also have members selling.